• The process starts with a conversation. We are available to speak on the phone or communicate through email at your convenience. We are also available to come to you! Whether that means sitting at your kitchen table or meeting in a more neutral place, like a favorite restaurant. A nice conversation helps us to understand what our clients' needs may be, as well as catch up on the little details that makes each individual person so unique.
  •  Generally, by the end of our first conversation we will have a good idea of resources and providers that could be a great match for you. We highly respect your privacy, and by this time will have assured that all the HIPAA paperwork has been signed and filed before we speak to the prospective care settings and providers. It is important for both our clients AND providers to have a clear understanding of what they expect from each other, so extensive conversations on both ends is an essential part of our review and placement process. 
  • After we have spoken to the potential providers and/or communities, we will make arrangements with you to meet them to assure a great match. We like to say, "Nothing beats a tour!", meaning there is no amount of details or information that we could relay to you that could replace meeting our wonderful providers and touring your prospective home in person to see if everything "clicks". We are able to provide transportation to and from the tours, or help coordinate times and dates. 
  • At this time, our hope would be that you had found a setting that had met or exceeded your expectations. Depending on the situation however, sometimes this does not happen right away. Requests and priorities change for many reasons. In the unlikely event that the perfect match wasn't made right away, we are always available to reassess the situation and find new options that may fit your current request. 
  • Our duty to you does not end after your move has taken place. We offer a comprehensive follow-up after placement, and enjoy checking in on our clients and touching base. We truly feel that once you are a client of All About Seniors, Inc. you will always be a valued client. We are here to answer questions, hear concerns, and to be an advocate for your health. We are your cheerleader! Our door is always open and our staff will be here to assist whenever you need us.  


​  Many of our clients and their families prefer to be kept current on every detail, others   feel less stress and anxiety by letting us take the reins and summarize later... However   you prefer to communicate will be respected and honored.  


Placement Process 

At All About Seniors, Inc. we offer a personal, caring touch. We sincerely want to know and thoroughly understand your needs. There are many factors in this process that can make it feel overwhelming, but we want you to know you are not alone. 
We are here to help guide you through this transition. 

Senior Resource, Referral, and Placement Services

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